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Since our relaunch, a large number of you have agreed to accept our new adorable little network We the Betches. For those of you who are visually impaired or don’t realize what it is here’s a thought: It’s where betches can meet up and speak poop about themselves and each other. Do you have an unsolvable kid issue? Is your mother being an immense bitch? In the event that we can’t help, possibly an individual betch can, or she can state ew and instruct you to go screw yourself, which we’ve seen isn’t a remarkable practice.

So normally, we chose to venture in by re-posting a few features from the intriguing poop you say, noting your inquiries, and outrightly ridiculing the failures. Welcome to our new segment “We The Betches,” it resembles the Dear Betch of 2013 with a consumer book turn, where we troll our very own site for the absurd poop you say and point out it. Consider it like you spilling your beverage on a white floor covering at a pregame and us getting you out.

This present young lady’s WTB (We The Betches, screwing duh) post isn’t too new (from early December) however it was one that unquestionably grabbed our attention. It’s from a young lady so profoundly lost in an ocean of ADHD that she’s discussing going to Craigslist to Adderall. The essential thing to recollect here is that she came to us, and you, to discover if it’s socially adequate.

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